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The Angus Quiz - Results!

Well, it's been a few days since I ran The Angus Quiz and 28 people completed the test and signed in so I could see the results. The highest anyone got was 9/15 which just goes to show I maintain a bit of mystery and enigma about myself (or some of your questions were just too obscure - Ed).

Behind the cut I disect the results...

Question 1: Where Was I Born?
Barnet, Herfordshire (6 Votes)
Lowestoft, Suffolk (9 Votes)
Brighton, Sussex (7 Votes)
Norwich, Norfolk (6 Votes)
The closeness of voting shows a lot of guesswork I reckon. Although it does state on my Userpage that I was born in Lowestoft! Although I did live in Barnet most of my childhood.

Question 2: How old am I?
18-23 (0 Votes)
24-29 (4 Votes) - You lovely people! :p
30-35 (21 Votes) - Well done. I'm 34!D
36+ (3 Votes) - Gits.... :(

Question 3: What was the nationality of my last girlfriend?
American (1 Vote) - I've never been out with an American.
Dutch (10 Votes) - Yep, Sarah was my last girlriend and she was Dutch.
English (5 Votes) - The last girl I actually went out with who was English was melissa and we split up at the end of '96!
French (12 Votes) - Ah ha - I have fooled you all. Delphine was French but I have had a girlfriend since her you know!

Question 4: What was the first published game I helped write called?
Dark Winter (9 Votes)
- Well done. Back in 1991/92 I think?
Demon Knight (7 Votes) - A friend and myself did start writing a cyberpunk fantasy game called Demon Knight but then both Shadowrun and Rifts came out so we scrapped the idea.
Kounter Kulture (3 Votes) - Had a few playtest sessions of an idea with this name in the mid-90's but it came to nothing. It was a quite good fun modern supernatural/conspiracy game.
SLA Industries (9 Votes) - I may partially own SLA but I've never actually written anything for SLA.

Question 5: What were my favourite pair of subjects at school?
English & History (21 Votes) - Wow! I think most of you just ticked the first box and hoped on this one!
Geography & History (5 Votes) - Yep. I loved both subjects and actually took the first year of Geography at A-Level (twice as it happened as I had to redo the first year again for some reason)
Physics & Maths (0 Votes)
Maths & English (2 Votes)

Question 6: At which age did I loose my virginity?
14-16 (9 Votes)
17-18 (13 Votes)
19-20 (5 Votes) - I was 19. Actually just 19 as it was a couple of weeks after my birthday.
21+ (1 Vote)

Question 7: Alexander Merrick - my Camarilla character - was from which Clan?
Lasombra (1 Vote)
Toreador (3 Votes) - He couldn't stand the Toreador!!! One of his favourite games was helping them achieve positions of power and then orchestrating even bigger downfalls!
Tremere (20 Votes) - Could he have really been anything else!
Ventrue (4 Votes) - After several hundred years of warfare between the Ventrue and Tremere relationships were a bit strained here too.

Question 8: What is my favourite Role Playing Game?
Amber (8 Votes) - A great game to be sure but...
Call of Cthulhu (14 Votes) - ...not as great of Cthulhu in my mind. I love Call of Cthulhu :)
Deadlands (3 Votes) - Another great game.
Warhammer FRPG (3 Votes) - Let's face it all the games on this list are fantastic!

Question 9: Which of the following is my favourite 'cult' TV program?
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer (22 Votes)
- You know me so well...
Dr. Who (4 Votes)
Stargate SG-1 (1 Vote)
The X-Files (1 Vote)

Question 10: Which of the following is my favourite "Goth" band?
The Cure (1 Vote)
Fields of the Nephilim (9 Votes) - Carl and the boys do it for me every time!
The Mission (6 Votes)
Sisters of Mercy (13 Votes) - Wrong. But I could see how you'd think so with my travels to see them.

Question 11: What was the first live concert I ever saw?
The Cure (8 Votes) - Surprisingly I've never ever seen The Cure live!
Def Leppard (3 Votes) - My second concert.
Fleetwood Mac (9 Votes) - My third concert (on the eve of a GCSE exam I seem to recall...whoops! :p)
Whitesnake (8 Votes) - December 30th 1987. The first of many to come...

Question 12: How many sexual partners have I had?
1-8 (11 Votes)
9-16 (12 Votes)
17-24 (4 Votes)
25+ (1 Vote)
This vote just goes to show how the perception of me has changed over the years. I reckon having had a 5-year relationship with Delphine has helped steady that one. Along with the fact that I was very single for almost 18 months after Delphine moved back to France before seeing Sarah which lasted (on and off) for 14 months. I have been lucky enough to have a string of reasonably long term relationships since I was 18 but I was also a bit of a 'bad boy' when I was younger.

Question 13: What is my sexual orientation?
Bi-sexual (4 Votes) - Ok, I can see why some people think this. Certainly one of the people who voted this way in anycase :p
Hetrosexual (22 Votes) - Pretty much (although I am open to a certain amount of experimentation ;p)
Homosexual (0 Votes)
If it moves... (1 Vote) - Thank you - you know who you are!

Question 14: How many jobs have I had since I was 15?
1-2 (8 Votes)
3-4 (9 Votes)
5-6 (5 Votes)
7+ (6 Votes)
I may have first worked at Leisure Games 20 years ago last week but believe it or not I've actually had 5/6 jobs.
Camden Market Clothes Stall
Newsagents - Retail Assistant
DJ (best paid job I ever had and I was only 16-18!)
Leisure Games
Off License Assistant
Record Shop Assistant

Question 15: What's my favourite 'fast food'?
Burger & Chips (1 Vote)
Chinese (13 Votes)
Kebab (7 Votes)
Pizza (7 Votes)
Yes I know Nicole, I like "all" of them! But Shish Kebab is my favourite of the bunch! :)
Thanks to everyone who took part! It was interesting to see your answers and thoughts :)


( 3 comments — Leave a comment )
Jul. 30th, 2006 12:15 am (UTC)
This only goes to higlight that I've 'known' you for 16ish years and still have no idea who you are.
Jul. 30th, 2006 12:53 am (UTC)
16 years!?

Shit! Didn't realise it was that long!
Jul. 30th, 2006 01:09 am (UTC)
It might not be. It might be 14 years, at best. I know I hadn't taken my GCSE's when I first met you.
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