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Sunday Workings... Silence and Inspiraton

I've had a very productive day so far at work but I'm beginning to get that 'Sunday afternoon lagging feeling' that I sometimes get when I work by myself here in the office. I blame it on sitting down for too long with nothing but the music for company (and then when the CD finishes when i'm in the middle of something and thus don't get up to change it leaving me working in silence for over half an hour with nothing but the noise of the fans twirling in the background...).

OK, so maybe I should get up, stop complaining, and change the CD? Yeah, ok ;p

I'm also going to go for a walk round the block to waken me up a bit (plus catch a sneaky cigarette and maybe pick up a cold drink...).

I have also had a neat idea for a small Indy Press 'serial' game. When I'll actually have time to sit down and develope it is another matter. But I like the idea and with the restructuring of Cubicle 7 currently going on which includes more 'hands on deck' a bit more free time to concentrate on some pet projects or even do some writing myself (shock horror!) might actually be feasible. Which would be great because I do actually miss writing and being more creative.

Anyway, death stick and drink are calling me...

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