Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Prelude) The Angus Spring Clean

OK, I admit it. I have *way* too much stuff. Stuff that I don't use, listen or look at anymore. Christ I've got stuff that I've not even opened that's been sitting on my shelves (or piled up on the floor in my room) for over a year or longer.

I need an Angus Spring Clean.

If I had more space (or could afford to buy a 2-3 bedroom house for myself - or with a loved one if I had one) then I'd probably put this off. But I don't. I have a fairly large 3 bedroom house which I share with two others but pretty much everything in it (barring their rooms) is my junk.

Books. DVDs. CDs. Comics. Videos. Board Games. RPGs. Computer Games.

Anyone who has seen my house can attest that I'm kind of overflowing. That's the problem of working in your hobby and also have lived 'away from home' since I was 18 which has allowed me to the best part of 16 years of gathering stuff. Admittedly I did have a big clearout of some of my games six years ago (a few of which I then regretted getting rid off) and I also cleared out tons of old hardcover novels that I'd gathered (mainly Stephen King and Terry Pratchett hardcovers but with a sprinkling of assorted others). Plus I got rid of pretty much my entire 7" Single collection and VHS Video collections when I moved in to the present pad two-and-a-half years ago.

So, kind readers, be prepared for lists of my much loved but needed-to-be-gotten-out-of-here stuff hitting LJ over the next while. This will be my first port of call before ebaying or charity shopping it.

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