Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Angus Spring Clean: For Sale

The below are all for sale. I will be updating this entry with new items as the hours and days and weeks progress. All items and categories will be behind cuts to save my friends Friends Pages :p

If something catches your eye please drop me a line!

Prices do not include postage.

Starchildren: Velvet Generation RPG @ £2.00
The Year is 2073.
One century ago, radio transmissions from Earth passed through space, and Rock & Roll fell upon the mystified ears of an alien world. The new feelings this music produced heralded the dawn of a new age - their lives and culture were forever changed by Earth's rock music. These Starchildren embarked on a life-long pilgrimage to the birthplace of the strange new music...

Millennium's End: GM Screen and 1999 Datasource @ £1.00
includes an 11" x 32" Screen, a 32 page sourceook and an 11" x 7" laminated card for determining hit location.

Middle-Earth Adventure Guidebook II @ £4.00
For MERP/Rolemaster. The book includes an Elvish Dictionary with pronounciation and grammar guidelines as well as an English-Elvish translation index. It also has a glossary of terms for characters, cultures, places and other things in Middle Earth. The guide does not contain the map but is otherwise in pretty much perfect condition.

Rivendell: The House of Elrond @ £5.00
For MERP/Rolemaster. Adventure. Excellent condition.

Ghosts of the Southern Anduin @ £5.00
For MERP/Rolemaster. Adventure. Excellent condition.

Thieves of Tharbad @ £5.00
For MERP/Rolemaster. Adventure. Excellent condition.

Ghost Warriors @ £5.00
For MERP/Rolemaster. Adventure. Excellent condition.

Warlords of the Desert @ £5.00
For MERP/Rolemaster. Adventure. Excellent condition.

Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes RPG Bundle @ £10.00  SOLD
Includes the Rulebook,Raid on Rajallapor (Adventure), The Case of the Pacific Clipper (1930's Solitaire Adventure), Taking Care of Business (Modern Era Solitaire Adventure), Stormhaven (Complete Setting and Adventure Pack). All Excellent to Mint condition.

Haven: City of Violence RPG Bundle @ £10.00
Includes Core Rulebook, Killing Fields (Martial Arts and Firearms Sourcebook), Path of Rage(City Sourcebook), Rap Sheets (Character Sheets), Bulletproof Screen (also includes a small sourcebook). All Excellent to Mint condition (most still shrinkwrapped)

Feng Shui RPG1st Ed @ £7.00  SOLD
Core Rolebook originally published by Daedulus Entertainment and written by Robin Laws.

Fates Worse Than Death RPG @ £5.00
Core Rulebook published by Vajra Enterprises. Suspense, Horror and Hope in 2080 on the streets of Manhattan. Excellent condition.

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