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Photo's from times gone by...

Well I did some pre-pub reminiscing and now I've done some post-pub reminiscing. The result? A bunch of photo's of some of my very dearest friends (past and present), many of which who are on LJ and many of which may want to lynch me for putting the photo's up.

I think all the photo's are bloody good though and are a nice trip down memory lane, for not just me but some of you dear readers too...

Matt Skipper & Aaron (gypseymission) 1998?

Alex (meryc) & Karen 1996

Andy O (dodgyhoodoo) 1996

Andy P (corone) 1995

Dave (daver2323) (centre) GenCon 1994

Donna (kostika) & Grim (_grimtales_) Wedding

Melissa (melissamilitelo) Vampire 1996

John M (left) Angus (me) and others at a Camarilla game 1995

Morton (mortontsmith), Freddie and Chippy @ GenCon 1994

Greg (frankendreads), Monty (ukmonty) w facial pet 1996

Richard (club_slut) & Adrienne 1996 (plus the face of Robin trying to get into the action who know works at The Dev)

Richard M (right) (eruditorum) 1997/8?

Top (_grimtales_) 1997/8?

The Abranson Clan (Back - Katie, Angus, Front - Dominique, Genevieve) 2000

Me circa 1991

Nick & Monty (ukmonty) circa 1991
(Please note how little Monty has actually changed in the last 15 years!!! Bastard!!!)

Me circa 2002?

Delphine & me in the Alps circa 2001

Delphine in the Alps circa 2001

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