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First day of the season...

Well the Football League kicks off today with both my teams in action.

Norwich are playing at Leeds and are looking to get into the Play-Offs and hopefully back up in the Premiership again next season after a fairly so-so Season last time which started badly but picked up towards the end.

Barnet are also playing today. They're at home to Torquay. Both teams managed to escape relegation to the Conference last year and will be both looking to start this season strongly. I doubt either are promotion contenders (more likely relegation contenders again) but both are fairly good sides that realistically should finish mid-table away from any threat. Still, I hope Barnet win today even though one of my sisters boyfriends is an ardent Torquay supporter (the poor boy). I actually thought about going to the match today and meeting up for drinks with Darren (Dom's BF) and also Gen and Tom who'll definetly be at the match. However it is obvious as I'm typing this after the 3pm kick-off that I'm not there. Have work to do (hears whip crack in the background). Er yes, better be getting on with some too...




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