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America Here I Come! (Once again...)

In an a relatively unforeseen twist of fate I'm heading back to America on business again this week.

I'm flying out to New York City on Tuesday where I'm catching up with an old friend and flatmate who lives over there. She's taking me out during the day and finding a nice watering hole in the evening for a bit of touristy stuff but mainly just catching up.

On Wednesday I'm flying up to Indianapolois for a Convention (GenCon). Booth set-up is on Wednesday and the actual show is Thursday thru Sunday.

Saturday night I get a chance to catch Cruciform Injection (An Industrial Techno band) whom I've wanted to see for years but who have never played the UK so I get another chance to gig in America too :p

I fly back on Monday and arrive back in the UK on Tuesday morning.

All in all I'm really looking forward to it - even if it was all a bit last minute in the arranging stakes.

So, hope you all behave whilst I'm gone and to catch up with some of you once I return!!! (And also catch some of you whilst I'm in the States :p)

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