Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Free Scissor Sisters Gig in London + Reading Festival Update

First off, just found out that The Scissor Sisters are playing a free gig in Trafalgar Square on 16th September. Unfortunately, after entering the free draw, I've just remembered I'm in Paris that weekend so even if I do win I won't be able to go :(

But that doesn't stop you guys and gals from trying and partying on without me!!!!

For full details do the clicky thing that will take you through to Motorola (the sponsors) website!!!!

Also, the posty just delivered my coach tickets for Reading Festival. Unfortunately I have to get on the coach to pick up my actual tickets - which is a pain - but hell, at least I'm going :)

Another downside is Nicole and myself have to be at Paddington Station at 7.30AM (!!!) on Thursday morning to catch the coach! And the previous night is Nicole's birthday bash! Urg - hangovers...:(

I think our current plan is to try and see if we can grab our tickets and then jump off the coach. Failing that we'll be travelling to Reading, getting our tickets, and then jumping in a train back to London and then returning to Reading on Friday morning for when the festival actually begins!

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