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Oh yeah, it gets better.

Last night I was hit with a really bad case of insomnia. Now I used to have insomnia a hell of a lot but it wasn't too bad as I found I could usually *do* something whilst I wasn't sleeping. Last night however I put myself to bed about 2am because I was feeling tired but just tossed and turned not being able to sleep but feeling too tired to do anything else until well after 5.30am (that wwas the last time I looked at my watch but I know I was awake for a while after that!).


I'm blaming my tooth (stomps foot).

I don't mind being *awake* aslong as I'm able to still do stuff. When I'm *awake* but feeling really sleepy and shitty then I just want to transform that wakeness into something a hell of a lot more useful. Like sleep.

So, greater beings that look down upon us - can you please knock me out this evening as I don't want to spend all night with my mind in hyperdrive but my body just lying there useless and longing for momentary oblivion again!!!

Got that?


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