Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

7 Points...

1. I seem to have too many interests for this 'Interests Montague' thing to work for me. Probably best too as it'd just come up with a load of porn probably as it has for some of you guys too...:p

2. Tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd August 2006) could be the start of the end, apparently. No, I'm not talking about my dentist appointment but about world affairs and the advent of WWIII. Hopefully it won't start until atleast my dentist has finished drilling and filling as I don't want to be living in the aftermath with tooth ache! We'll see though. Apart from it being 'predicted' by some mystics some military analysts have also pinpointed tomorrow as a day of potential major change and Iran and several other countries (including some South American ones and North Korea) have apparently quoted the 22nd as a 'pivotal' point. I read some American neo-cons suggesting it's the day that Iran launches a nuclear strike against Israel (only to be foiled and then pummelled into the ground by joint Israeli-American forces). We'll see what actually happens. Mrs Higgins cat from #43 will probably get stuck in a tree or something equally noteworthy though...

3. Numbing gel is my friend.

4. Gameforce yesterday had another good turnout (42 through the door). I didn't play anything throughout the day due to door duty (and my tooth not exactly making me feel like doing anything) but did have a couple of games of Save Dr Lucky once it'd gone 8pm which were fun. More RPGs were played yesterday including Golden Heroes which I would have played if possible. The club is going well which is really nice to see and also seems to have attracted a really nice friendly crowd which is even better :)

5. Dragonmeet is shaping up to be a good one this year. Will have to post a full update (and update the website) when I get back from Reading Festival.

6. I should go to bed.

7. Goodnight dear Readers.

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