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I Live (Or Tales of the Dentist Trip Part 1)

Well, that was that. All the worry, fretting and more worry.

The dentist trip was nowhere near as bad as I had envisioned (they rarely are I suppose) but it was only part one of hopefully two (or more if I'm unlucky).

Basically my 18 years away from the dentist chair have apparently been very well spent. My gums are in perfect condition and all my teeth - apart from one I am having toothache in - are also in fine shape (although he does want a closer look next time at a second tooth to make sure...).

Anyway, the tooth I've been having problems in has collapsed in one of it's sections. It's one of the teeth on my top left hand row second from the back. I think I know when the collapse happened too as I remember thinking my tooth was rather 'sharp' a couple of months ago - whoops... Anyway, the x-rays seemed to indicate that the problem doesn't go as far as either the root of the tooth or the nerves. But to make sure I've had a dressing put on to protect the tooth over the Reading Festival weekend. If the pain subsides over the next day or so then it isn't affecting the nerve - if it carries on then it is.

I have another appointment next Thursday morning when I will be getting injected regardless of the outcome this weekend. The main difference is whether or not it will just be a filling (costing £90) or if it'll be root canal work followed by a cap (costing about £825). I know which I'm hoping for in both terms of expense and discomfort...

I found the dentist very pleasent and friendly and he even turned out to be an ex-roleplayer. So we ended up chatting about D&D and roleplay and wargames in general which I guess helped calm my nerves further! Roleplayers - they get everywhere...:p

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