Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Blind Date Competition!!! - The Victor...

A little while ago I decided to run a 'Blind Date' competition because I'd won a European Weekend City Break and didn't have anyone to go with (Ok, so I could have taken a friend but I decided to spice things up on a spur of a moment whim!).

Well, I invited all you single ladies to comment on a closed post if you'd like to come away with me for a weekend. No preconceptions or anything, just go away to foreign climes, see the sights and hang out.

I was actually dead scared that no one would reply and had I thought about it (as opposed to my fingers taking over and posting the damn comp) I'd probably never have posted it.

But I did.

I was also surprised at the replies I got. A number of people posted comments wishing me luck and saying that they'd check in and see how things were going. Some of these were from existing friends, some from strangers who either must have randomly stumbled across my LJ or came via other friends (a few of which even 'pimped' my post on their LJ's - so thank you guys and gals). I even got a few applicants. 8 to be precise (and many thanks to all of them!!!). I knew some, but some were people I've never heard of before,

Anyway, I can only take one person away with me. We've been chatting alot over the last few weeks in anycase so she may have had a slightly unfair advantage when she replied but she does qualify as I've never met the poor girl in person.

So Rosie (imagnocean) is the lucky winner! Congrats (or commiserations) girl :p

We will probably be heading to Switzerland for the weekend (to be confirmed when I get the list of destinations through from the original competition operator). The aim is to go to the Giger Museum in Gruyeres.

Anyway, more details as things happen.

Thanks again to everyone who applied, or commented.
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