Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

....Double Feature....

Yay for half days!

Finished work at 12.30 today and am not in again until Sunday so I have a whole 2.5 days off!!!

So, what did I choose to do with my first proper (non-gig) freedom? I went to the pictures. I originally only intended to see one film but got a phone call in the early evening enticing me out for a second performance. So without further ado...

Van Helsing

First up was Van Helsing with daver2323  and pond823 . The film was pretty good for a 12A Action film. It's by the same director as The Mummy and Mummy Returns so if you liked either of those films you'll probably enjoy this one too. It clearly has influences from other films (apart from the obvious back catalogue of Universal Picture's monster club) and there's a scene very early on which is very James Bond. You'll know which one if you watch the film. Something that nagged me a bit was the similarity between Hugh Jackman's Val Helsing character and Wolverine from the X-Men. Both are characters who can't remember their past and end up searching for it through the villain of the piece. Rather annoying as this kept distracting me.

Overall the film was fun and I'm certainly going to look forward to the inevitable Van Helsing 2. Kate Beckinsale is as sexy as ever, Richard Roxburgh is a very good Dracula and Shuler Hensleys Frankenstein Monster is brilliant. Oh, Dave and Sasha, it was Robbie Coltrane :-p School Report: B- (overall well done but could be improved)

Kill Bill Volume 2

So I got home after Van Helsing. Switched on the computer to play a few matches of my long standing Championship Manager game (sad, I know) when ukmonty  rings. Do I want to go and see Van helsing? Sorry mate just saw it. How about Kill Bill 2? Alright then, it's on my list and it'd be good top see you.

So I end up going back to the cinema and seeing the second (and final) installment of Quentin Tarantino's latest flick. I thought the first one was 'ok' but nothing special. Sure, there were a few bits in it that were very good but overall I was a bit 50/50 on it. This one however rocked. David Carradine, Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah and Uma Thurman were all excellent. The character of Pai Mei (The Grand Master) was beard-strokingly brilliant and the proper introduction to Madsen's character (Budd aka Sidewinder) initially left me with a lot of sympathy for him until he proved to be a right bastard a bit later on. Tarantino managed to get his love of comics in again with an analogy by the comic-loving Bill (Carradine) - you can always tell a Tarantino script....

An extra tip is that if you find someone with a pathalogical fear of snakes to see it with - do so. It adds extra amusement :-p

School Report: B+ (An improvement on the first part and wrapped the storyline up nicely - albeit a bit predictable)


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