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Dentist Update

Well, I can honestly say that was almost a pleasureable experience considering the hype and fear I'd managed to build up about injections in the mouth, etc.

This morning I returned to the dentists and had the first filling since I was about 16. Luckily the dentist was very considerate and numbed the side of my mouth up with gel before sticking me with the needle (due to my stupid phobia of needles). I will admit that I did shut my eyes so I wouldn't have to see the needle coming my way but I can honestly say that the gel did the trick as I really didn't feel anything apart from the slightest of touches and a little bit of pressure.

The actual drilling/cleaning/filling also went very smoothly and it was probably the best dentist visit (where I've needed treatment) that I've ever had.

Well done to Nick and Katrina of the Cavendish House Practive in East Finhley. I'd certainly reccommend the place :)

Anyway, one small set-back is that I'm not actually allowed to eat for a few hours while my filling solidifies. This is unfortunate as I didn't have any breakfast due to nerves so am now looking at not being able to have anything apart from liquids until about 4pm. I'm already hungry...

I've also stocked up on pain killers and numbing gels for when I get feeling back in my face again. Just in case...

Still, small price to pay

Hopefully a number of Reading updates to come later but I've got some work to do now. Bye!

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