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RIP: Steve Irwin

I know some of you enjoyed him so I'll hold back my own feelings that he was a bit of a dick and just pass you the news.

Steve Irwin (Australian Wildlife Expert and TV Host) was killed filming in the early hours of this morning by a Stingray in Australia. There's no good way to go but atleast he died doing something he obviously loved.

I've never watched hardly any of his shows, mainly because I generally avoid most TV and also because his way of presenting got on my nerves (I'm much more of a fan of the David Attenburgh way of presenting), but I know he was very popular and obviously git a lot of kids interested in wildlife.

Anyway, RIP Steve Irwin. May there be many dangerous creatures roaming the afterlife for you to explore and play with.

'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin Killed (BBC Online News; Monday 4th September 2006)

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