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Music and The Great Phone Experiment

Today's been f**king knackering. It was non-stop at work and I finally got *lunch* at 5.30 when I managed to leave early and go for an Indian en route home. I'm tired out - although having had a nice soak and also a bit of a read I've perked up a bit now.

Anyway, last night I put on my social hat and met up with miramanga as part of her Great Phone Experiment.

What's that I hear you ask? Well, basically Mira set off on a mission a while ago to text everyone on her phone - in alphabetic order - with a short message that went along the line sof "Hi! It's Mira! Do you fancy meeting up for a drink?xx"

In theory she'd wait for a while and then if she hadn't heard anything she'd send one more follow up text before declaring them void and moving on to the next person. So that's everyone one by one on her phone.

Now take a look on your own phone. If, you're like me, you'll have a load of people's numbers there from a variety of scenes and reasons why you have their number. Some will be existing friends, some whom you may not have seen for years or fallen out with, some business people and some whom you're not really sure who they are or why they're on your phone.

Anyway, Mira and myself had never met up before. We started chatting a couple of years ago when I was running the Dragonmeet Trade Hall as she was interested in taking a stand for something she was involved with. Unfortunately we were fully booked but we both stayed in touch and ended up as LJ Friends. So my turn came around (I had been expecting the text as I've been following the Experiment on her LJ) and I will admit I was a bit crap. I've been globetrotting, festival going and busy with my various projects and work that I've not had a lot of spare time recently. I started to think I would be crossed off and she'd move on to the next person on the list. Apparently she really wanted to meet up with me though (foolish girl) so she allowed me to duck and dive sorting out a date for what must be close to two months (admittedly I think she was pretty busy too which may have helped my lifeline ;p).

So last night we met up and, given the choice of the stylish Zebrano bar off Carnaby Street or the Rockers Dive of The Intrepid Fox she picked The Fox (for the rock chick that she is). It was nice to have a last few drinks at The Fox before it closes on Monday in anycase. It may be a dive but I quite like it there. I think Mira and myself got on pretty well - although the alcohol did start getting the worse of her as the evening progressed and I think I ended up finsihing off most of her drinks because she started feeling ill.

So, I passed the Great Phone Experiment and she can now move on to the next unsuspecting soul. I think she'll probably reach 'Z' sometime in 2020!! It's an interesting and I must say I wish I'd thought of it (maybe I should do the Great LJ Experiment and try and meet everyone of my Friends List for a drink? :p).

Tomorrow I should actually be meeting another LJ Friend whom I've not met or spoken to before (it must be the weather) as glaelia and myself are meeting up in Camden for a quick bite to eat (if we have time) before heading off to KOKO to go to the filming of Channel 4's Album Chart Show (I think that's what it is anyway?). Should be an interesting evening. I'd not heard of the program before (not being Mr TV) but Sean at work mentioned he'd caught one and it'd had Morrisey, Wolfmother  and a number of other good acts on. Looking at the current Album Chart I'm really hoping that Kasabian are there as they're currently Numbero Uno. I also note that Iron Maiden are in the Top Ten too... Hmm, could be a very interesting night...

Oh, on a side note, been listening to The Automatic's CD today (you know, the band behind the brilliant "Is It A Monster" :p) and it's actually really good. Not sure why I'm surprised as the last couple of times I've seen them live they've been really goos. But still, surprised I am.

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