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Avalon's Childe - The November Wars

I was rummaging through a bag of old cassettes when I came across the below. Many of you probably don't know but I was actually in a band during my later teen years called 'Avalon's Childe'. We were a pretensious goth rock band with an identity crisis. We had a great drummer who decided he'd play bass because he didn't want to get 'hidden away' behind the drums and wanted a more visible role. Our replacement drummer was an ex of mine who played a little guitar but decided it's be cool to play drums instead. The lead guitarist and bassist both knew their instruments (the guitaist was actually really good - I'm not sure what he went on to do). We also had a keyboardist who was very good but was really into his prog rock and ambient stuff - which was great for atmospherics but didn't neccesarily work well in conjuncture with what we were aiming for though. He was also the only one who had a car so we ended up having a bit prog rocky keyboard ekements without too much fuss. The singer - well that was yours truly - which in all honesty was an appalling mistake as anyone who's heard me (and hopefully that's none of you) knows that I really can't sing. I just had the charisma and stage presence - plus no one else could sing either and I wanted to be in the band as I was the one who got everyone else together).

Anyway, we only recorded the one LP which the famous John Paul Jones (of Led Zeppelin fame) produced for us. He'd produced The Missions "Children" album a few years before which was a big influene on me at the time so we were over the moon to have him on board!!! We toured a bit - mianly in the UK but also managed a few dates in France and Ireland - before the band imploded. Oh, the memories... I wonder where the others are now (I know our drummer wannabe guitarist went back to playing drums and played in a couple of more bands - one of which was with a guitarist or bassist who later became part of Dream City Film Club who produced two very fine albums and were heavily touted as Placebo's favourite band during the mid/late 90's).

Alright then. Maybe John Paul Jones didn't produce an album for us. In fact we never got close to putting anything down or even playing a gig. But I was in a band called Avalon's Childe when I was about 17 and everything else (apart from the album and touring) was true. Especially the part about me not being able to sing. Another sad thing was our 'favourite' rehersal song was Guns & Roses 'Paradise City' - I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe it was easy to learN?

Anyway - if you want to relive what could have been of your rock n roll youth you to can make your own cassette on - go try it and let me hear your rock n roll adventures!!!!

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