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Finchleski, Poland...

If anyone doubted that Finchleski (formerly known as Finchley) was becoming the new home for most of Poland along with many other parts of the UK this should ease their doubts.

As any good customer of corner shops in many areas will know Polish brands have been on the upsurge. Many signs in convience store windows, round here atleast, are now totally in Polish. Infact these are now giving Aracbic and Farsi a run for their money in Finchleski! We even have a dedicated Polish/Eastern European store open up on the next block to Leisure Games now such is the demand for goods from the homeland from Finchleski's Polish ex-pats.

Now the supermarkets have decided to get into the action with Tesco's, Sainsbury's and ASDA all creating Polish sections to cater for the growing demand. Supermarkets Covet Polish Spend (BBC News Online; Sunday 10th September 2006).

I might pop a few bits into my shopping basket next time out and see what Polish food tastes like...

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