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This weeks madness...

Gah! I seem to be overly occupied with travelling and work this week.

Looking into ye olde cytsal ball my immediate future looks like thus...

Tuesday: Work (Finchley, London)
Tuesday Night: Off to Hampshire to meet up with some of the Esdevium guys plus assorted others and then kipping in hotel so I'm fresh (and not hungover at all) for Wednesday.
Wednesday: Work (Alton, Hampshire - Esdevium Open Day)
Wednesday Eve: Collapse at home. Catch up on email. Confirm details with Delphine.
Thursday: Work (Finchley, London)
Thursday Eve: Possible drinks with friend but should be working on C7/Dragonmeet stuff.
Friday: Work (Paris, France) - well, kinda work. I'm over in Paris for a games convention but am only going to be at the Con on Friday.
Saturday: Paris - catch up with Delphine and hnag out for the day whilst do some shopping. Must not buy as much as last time.
Saturday Eve: Get back to London. Collapse at home at some ungodly hour.
Sunday: GameForce: London! Yay!!! An afternoon and evening of games playing at The College Arms and hanging out with people whilst probably not drinking.

Then it's back to work on Monday. Next week is looking a lot quieter (thank God) so I should be able to get a lot more work done at home in the evenings too. I've also decided to try andd get out for drinks at least once a week and also get down the gym for a workout and a swim at least once a week but preferrably two or three times if possible. Too much work makes me unproductive so I have to space it with exercise and socialising. I'll end up doing more work (and better work) that way than just putting my head down and trying to concentrate on JUST doing work. Anyway, I'm burbling. Catch you all laters.

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