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Friday night was going to be uneventful and I managed to keep it that way until shortly after midnight when young Bug called me up and invited me over for a chat/video/drink. Good to catch up with her, as always. I am seriously beginning to worry about my imunity to vast quantities of Southern Comfort thopugh. I'm sure it's not healthy 'NOT' to get pissed on the stuff..

Saturday was a bit of an odd day. It was supposed to be Day 2 of 'Angus Not Working' but I got a phone call at 10.30am from work asking if I could come in because one of the guys didn't make it in due to a migraine. Oh well.....

It only ended up being for a few hours as the poor soul came in after his migraine had subsided. Still, that's another four hours chalked up to my growing 'time off' owed bill.

purplekaz  came over and chilled out with daver2323 , pond823  and myself at the 'House That Still Needs Christening' for a couple fo hours until we all headed to our seperate evening engagements. We really need to come up with a name for Angus/Sasha/Dave HQ.

My enegament took me down to Angel to see Wolfsheim. They were very good (despite the singer having the words for all the English language songs in a folder in front of him ;-p). I also caught up with a few people - most notably faerierhona  and zenmeisterin . Apparently now I've been seen in the same place as Rhona twice within the week it means I must be sleeping with her. Or at least according to the rumour millers. Nevermind, at least I've been warned in advance ;-p

Still, sleeping with or not, it was good to see both Rhona and Isi. Some people should really be seen more often than they are.

I ended Saturday night up in The Dev for a quick pint. I was supposed to meet up with daver2323  and pond823  there but apparently they got drunk, thought it was later than it was, and headed down to Decadence. Missed them by about 10 minutes apparently. Nevermind, saved me another late night and some money :-)

Today -----   surprise, I'm working :-(


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