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Dragonmeet/Gameforce Announcement

Some of you already knew a little about this but now it's officially announced.

From simonjrogers

Angus Abranson of Leisures Games and Cubicle 7 has taken over the running of Dragonmeet, the UK's largest (and friendliest) one-day games event.

A little history first. Dragonmeet was an event originally run by Games Workshop in the 1980s, and reinstituted by James Wallis, then of Hogshead Publishing and an intrepid group of fellow rpg aficionados including me and Angus. The first Dragonmeet was held in Conway Hall, Holborn in 2000. Over the years it has grown and is now well established in the plush but pricey venue of Kensington Town Hall. The event has always been organized by a committee, and after five years, the committee members have lost a little enthusiasm, and gained more responsibilities. With this in mind, the shareholders of Gameforce Ltd, who owned Dragonmeet decided to look for another way to run the show this year, one which would allow the convention to continue growing, but with a more streamlined structure.

Step forward Angus Abranson. A former Dragonmeet chairman, rpg retailer and all-round good egg, he has connections throughout the industry and a willingness to promote roleplaying games in the UK. After discussion, he acquired the rights to Dragonmeet and the Gameforce name and will be running the event from now on. It's clear from what I have already heard from Angus that Dragonmeet 2006 will be better than 2005, and with a year's run-up, 2007 will top the lot.

Under the Gameforce name Angus has already organized games gatherings in London - you can keep up-to-date with these on the gameforce community blog here. More will follow.

ProFantasy Software will be attending and sponsoring, as will Pelgrane Press, and we'll be running the Game in Day event again.

We hope you'll attend this year. Master Mapper Ralf Schemmann will be on the ProFantasy stand, and both Pelgrane and ProFantasy will have more new products than ever before.

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