Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Rotersand/RBN Gig - November 25th

Rotersand will be playing London (Slimelight) on Saturday 25th November with RBN in support. It sounds like I may actually be going to Slimelight (boo hiss) more often in the coming months as they are beginning to put more and more gigs on. No doubt I'll be caught offguard and end up spending time at the club post-gig on atleast one occasion too (who knows - my opinion on Slimelight might change if I do so...).

Anyway, whilst I have pencilled the Rotersand/RBN gig in the diary I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to go for two reasons. 1) I have a friends wedding in Belfast that day and 2) It's the week before Dragonmeet so I might be really busy panicing about all 'the last minute' things I've only just remembered to do at that time...

Also a little annoyed as I was going to go and see The Scissor Sisters in Brighton on the 11th November but have just rememebred that Conjure One are playing London that day. Darn it...

In other news, had a very good dream last night (a bit of a romance story with the backdrop of a completely failing climate [how BIG where those hail stones!!!] and a mutated inbred monarchy). Might write it up later if I get time but daver2323 and meganintheuk were both in it (Megan with a really nicew black bob too...:p) as well as a really charming lady called Gwen.

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