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Gigs Ahoy!!! (KMFDM, The Mission, etc)

Just been doing a little bit of surfing checking out forthcoming gigs and uncovered a few gooduns that I'd not heard about. So, without further a do, here's a revised list of 'Gigs Angus Is/Might Be Going To'. Hopefully there'll be something you'll fancy too and I might catch some of you 'orrible lot at one or more of them! (The ones in Bold are ones I'll definitely be going to)

14th May - Godhead (Underworld)

21st May - Death in June (Slimelight)

26th May - Antiworld (The Verge)

27th May - Schmoof (Madam Jo Jo's - Sasha - you might be up for this one ;-p)

30th May - Gotham V (The Mean Fiddler - all day Gothfest)

5th June - Das Ich (Islington Academy)

10th June - Ozric Tentacles (The Mean Fiddler)

13th June - Blue Oyster Cult (The Astoria - I'd quite like to catch 'Don't Fear The Reaper' live at least once before I meet him)

26th June - Rasmus (The Astoria)

3rd July - Nosfertau (Metro - I remember seeing this lot over ten years ago ;-p)

8th July - KMFDM (The Mean Fiddler)

19th July - Skinny Puppy (Forum)

3rd August - Air (The Royal Festival Hall)

5th August - The Mission (The Astoria)

12th November - The Cardiacs (The Astoria)


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