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Mobile Phones...

...and no, I haven't gone and thrown it down the toilet again or anything like that.

My current mobile (which is actually an older phone as my 'newest' mobile broke down earlier this year so I went to my back-up) is so on it's last legs it's not true. Nor is it funny. Whenever anyone sends me a long text I have to struggle to go to 'Reply including message' so I can read the end of it by deleting backwards. I can't scroll down texts, my address book or my auto word suggestion without spending about 5 minutes go back and forth trying to make it work. God help me if I miss my contact by one as I then have to start again.

Anyway, with this in mind if you are going to text me please can you make the texts fairly short - or send multiple short texts to me? Just until I sort out a new phone (which I'm aiming to order this afternoon as I'm due for a free upgrade so I have no excuses).

I hate modern bloody technology (well, most of the time.. obviously I'm addicted to this machine infront of me it seems...).

Right, back to work...

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