Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(TV Trailer) The Dresden Files

This year I discovered a series of novels by Jim Butcher called 'The Dresden Files'. I'm currently on book 5 and have loved every one of them. The lead character, Harry Dresden, is a PI in Chicago with a difference. The difference being he is a wizard. The books have everything - the occult, vampires, faeries, werewolves, gangsters, spirits, soldiers of God, demons, dark sorcerers and so much more. The books are most definetly aimed at an adult audience as some of the murder scenes and things that happen are definetly not suitbale for younger readers.
Plus each book, whilst stand alone, has a cast of returning characters and things that happened books ago can get rementioned or actually have an effect. Jim Butcher has created a really great mythology and you (or at least 'I') feel for the characters (even if a few of them are really dumb on occasions...).
Evil Hat are writing a RPG based upon the series - which I'm incredibly jealous about as it's a project I'd have loved to have worked on/published/playtested if I had the time/contacts/expertise. I believe it's due out next year and I can't wait as it's certainly a game I intend to play.
Anyway, during my YouTube fix a few nights ago I decided to type in 'Dresden Files' into the old search button thinking that some fans may have knocked something amusing up. Instead I turned up a trailer for a new TV series by the Sci-Fi Channel in the States based upon the books. I'm surprised I'd not heard of this. Has it actually come out over the pond? And, more importantly, was it really any good? The trailer has left me with mixed feelings (I'll admit to preferring movies to TV series in most cases anyway because of the usually better quality of acting and budget). I'm a little disappointed that they have changed Murphy's character by the looks of things 9female cop and head of Chicago's Special Investigations Unit).
nyway, here's the trailer for your viewing pleasure (and go and buy the books and the game when it comes out!)

EDIT: The series starts in January 2007 apparently. Just found the Sci Fi Channels webpage about it :p


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