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One more task done...

Well I managed to order myself a new phone and get a cheaper tarriff whilst I was about it (1000 minutes free calls and 150 free texts!:p).

I ended up going through three customer service people before it got completed though and I think I may have inadvertantly got the first two into trouble as the third guy I spoke to put in a complaint against them (the first one for trying to sell me a different model and the second one for apparently hanging up on me - although I did say that I thought the line just cut out...? Although it was at a very opportune moment when I was confiming my model and I have a feeling O2 don't want my model to be sold for some reason...?).

Anyway, within the next three working days I will *alledgedly* have a brand new phone. It's the Sony Ericsson K800i and has lots of nice features in it. I decided I'd stick with Ericsson as they seem to last well beyond the yearly contract (even when you throw them down the toilet...) and my last Motorola phone packed up and died within about 8 months!!!!

Been a very busy beaver today but still have loads to do. I've also got a headache now so I think I'll take 20 minutes out to go and lye down and possible do some light reading before returning to the computer screen.

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