Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
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(Video) Sons & Daughters - Taste The Last Girl

I discovered Sons & Daughters last year and was lucky enough to catch them live supporting Nick Cave towards the end of 2005.

I've mentioned them before here but now with the rise of YouTube I can also show you one of their vids so you can actually listen to them too and see what you think.

I love their sound and it actually reminds quite strongly (especially in this track it must be said) of some of the old Ghost Dance tracks from the 80's. This is another band that if they'd tread the 'gothic' clubs and venues would have been a big 'scene' band but would probably never have risen above it. By taking a different route they have still captured the sound but have attracted a much wider audience which has allowed them to grow and live from music alone. If you like this I'd strongly urge you to go and track down their albums. I think they're fab :)


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