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Weekend Away...

This weekend I managed to escape London. Everyone needs some time off and I think I was a bit overdue on the "R&R" front and also had an unresistable offer to up to Leicester and chill out with the lovely imagnocean.

On Saturday once I arrived she whisked me off into the countryside to a really nice pub called The Badgers Set where we partook of liquid refreshment and in very nice country pub homemade food for lunch (It was quite an extended lunch due to chatting and I think we finally left about 3pm!). We then had a little drive round the countryside which is something I usually only see en route to music festivals (or travelling on the train between meetings or something) so it was quite nice to actually have a more leisurely time in the old green. Saw a great reservoir/lake which I think would look stunning in winter with the trees covered in snow and the reservoir frosted over... anyway I digress.

The first part fo Saturday night was spent talking to imagnocean and greeba (her flatmate/landlord) and watching a load of The Knife videos before greeba ran away to Nottingham for a party. I think I've become addicted to The Knife. I'd heard one of their tracks (We Share Ourt Mothers Health) agaes ago and really liked it but never managed to follow it up. I've now ordered their albums and will take up mooncadet's offer she made me a few weeks ago about going to watch The Knife live in concert at The Forum later this month :)

Today was spent lazying around the flat and then having a FCS (Fat C**t Sunday as it's apparently called) as greeba picked up a load of KFC and doughnuts en route home from Nottingham which we then devoured before playing Puerto Rico all afternoon. I'd pretty much forgotten the rules of Puerto Rico but managed to pick them up again over the course of the games. It is a great game and one I should probably pull out more often or take down to gameforce one month!

After three failed attempts to leave the house and catch my train back to London (too much cuddling is bad for time keeping...) I finally managed to find my way home.

Had a really great weekend but am now pretty exhausted. Angus needs sleep badly.

So with that in mind I'll leave you the brilliant "When I Found The Knife" Intro to their DVD (boy are parts disturbing but genius! :p) and go and get some sleep. NIght folks!


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