Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Christmas Shopping...

I may complain about the supermarkets already having a "Christmas" aisle full of chocolates, wrapping paper and some accessories already in stock. I will almost certainly complain when the Christmas lights and decorations in shops start appearing with almost certainly early into November (I just pray they wait until atleast halloween is out of the way this year!!!).

But, I am an advocate of early Christmas shopping.

For me it used to be a 'time' thing. Working in retail (and in a particular scetor of retail which usually is very busy on the run up to Christmas) I don't usually get much time off in December to get my own Christmas shopping done. As such I grew to getting it all done and dusted by December 1st where possible.

I have already started my Christmas shopping this year. I picked up a few bits a couple of weeks ago and have just placed an order for some bits for one of my sisters which should be here within the week.

Anotehr good thing about shopping early is that you are not rushed into buying things (or worse - discovering that the company you're buying them from has sold out already!) or worrying about them turning up in time for the 'Big Day' if you mail order them too close for comfort. I know how busy mail order outlets can get on the run up to Christmas!!!

Anyway, anotehr couple of items checked off the list. Let's see if I can get the majority of the shopping done before November 1st this year :p hehe...

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