Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(BBC) Robin Hood

Firstly, I sat through a very weak England performance to see them draw 0-0 with Macedonian. Many people seem to have felt that we should have stuffed them. We were lucky to win 1-0 against them last month and the previous time we met them we drew! OK, on paper England is the better team but people seem to take for granted that other teams outside the World Top Ten will be walkovers. They aren't going to be. Saying that England didn't do themselves any favours and could/should have played a lot better.

Congratulations to Scotland though for pulling off a 'real' shock of the afternoon! Scotland 1 - 0 France. I may be half French but I feel I can still appauld the Scots their win. Thoroughly deserved.

Anyway, onto Robin Hood. The brand new BBC program that's filling Dr Who's shoes for a bit.

A lot of teasers and commentary have been doing the rounds and I must say I'd become quietly optimistic about it.

That'll teach me.

I thought it was very poor. I really didn't like some of the cinematography with the repeat shots for certain moves to emphasise them. I thought the acting was fairly weak overall, the script hammey and generally let down over the whole affair. Comparisons will be made with the 1980's Robin of Sherwood but that show - now 20 years old - still beat the pants off this BBC reworking. It certainly doesn't do anything to make me want to watch subsequent episodes but I will certainly try and catch at least one more if I can but at present it's certainly not appearing on my 'DVD Want List'. It's a shame.

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