Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

- - - This is an interlude - - -

At work (have been for over an hour actually) and blitzing a load of stock checks and smaller jobs today.

I've well over my 'all over achey bug' now but I think I may now be moving into the 'sore throat stuffy head bug' that Rosie had when I visited her last weekend. Problem is after being off work most of last week (and cancelling my games group) because of the 'achey' bug I really don't want to duplicate it again this week for the next bug on the list!!!

We'll see how it develops. Hopefully it'll vanish away as I'm not feeling all that bad right night and if I can hit it with lots of fresh fruit and veg and some vitamin pills/lemsips I might win! :)

Anyway, still think th BBC's Robin Hood was very poor last night. Still think the new Enigma CD is very ace. Also the new Killers CD "Sam's Town" was actually better than I thought it would be. I'd somehow become quite negative over it (without even having heard a track) - possibly because I enjoyed Hot Fuss so much - but after 2-3 listens it's still making positive impressions on me. Buy of the week is definetly the Engima CD though followed by The Knife.

Oh yeah, my new phone is now fully charged and working (yay!) although it's rearranged my phonebook a bit so some people's mobile numbers are showing as their home numbers and vice-a-versa. Only irritating when you want to send a text though as it only allows you the choice of the mobile number and obviously if you're mobile is now shown in my addy book as your home number I can't text you until I've gone through and changed it all!!!. Mini grrr...

Right. back to work and diving into our historical wargames rules section...

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