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Of computers and Dave...

It seems that if it's not one thing going wrong it's another thing. My present pet hate target has come round to my computer again. It's old and I need to buy a new one. This machine is getting cranky and the latest recocurring problem seems to be with the mouse. For a while now the mouse periodically doesn't affect the cursor on the screen. The computer still reads that the mouse exists but won't equate my frantic movements and curses to getting the damn arrow to move around or click.

This isn't a problem with my actual mouse. I've tried two different mice in two ports (one normal and one USB) and it affected both. Mind you I'm now managing to work with the USB ported mouse right now without any problems (so far) so I haven't got a clue what was going on! Anyway, just spent most of the evening rebooting my PC and getting a bit frustrated with it. Will do a full back-up on Wednesday I think just incase it finally keels over. As long as it waits until AFTER Dragonmeet I won't mind so much. Until then I need this baby (or atleast the info on her - guess when I back up I'll start transferring stuff over to the laptop at the same time...).

Anyway, daver2323 is now in town. I chatted to pond823 earlier and he was out with him (bowling of all things! Doesn't sound like the Dave I know...?), Also received a string of texts from Dave since then and we're all meeting up for lunch tomorrow at one of our old haunts. I'm not sure what the rest of Dave's plans are for his stay but I know a get together/reunion at The Dev is on cards for one of the days. I also don't know if they're planning to hit B-Movie or not either. Guess I'll find out tomorrow. It'll be good to see Dave again - afterall I did live with the poor boy for almost five years and haven't seen him since September '05 when we were both in Paris!!!

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