Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Of Leicester, Fischerspooner and the week in general...

I ended up doing a last minute dash up to Leicester yesterday afternoon. Glad I did as I had a wonderful evening with Rosie.

Ended up watching Exorcist: The Beginning too which was not as bad as I thought it would be (films you expect to be shit rarely end up being - I put this down to my expectations managing to be so low that even if it really is a bit poor it still comes across as fairly good :p).

Anyway, it was an early morning start for me today as I had to get back from Leicester in time to let the cleaner in and get to work. First Class commuting in the morning is the way to go though. Free newspapers, teas/coffee/biscuits and even a waiter service who went to the food kiosk for me, brought my sandwiches and then whisked them 'behind the scenes' to put them on a plate with a nice additional salad. Plus you get comfy spacious chairs and it's certainly nowhere near as crowded as the regular carriages. To be honest, the morning trip home in commuter hell was the main reason I got First Class tickets - plus they weren't really all that much more expensive than the regular ticket for travelling before 9.30am or whatever the 'peak' time cut-off point is.

I also spotted yesterday when waiting for trains that Fischerspooner (who I mentioned on a post yesterday in regards to them being stunning live) were playing tonight at KOKO!!! So a quick text to Mel (whom I was supposed to be seeing tonight anyway) and she's managed to get us both on the guestlist this evening. So I'm off to see Fischerspooner live tonight! Can't wait as they are fantastic :)

This could shape up to being a fantastic weekend. Leicester last night, Fischerspooner tonight, B-Movie tomorrow and then (hopefully) The Knife on Saturday followed by Gameforce on Sunday! Yay! :p

Go Team Angus! :D

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