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Robin Hood, at home, texting babies...

1. Ok, I'll admit to have only been half watching tonights Robin Hood episode on BBC (due to eating and phone calls) but it did seem much better than last weeks. Maybe that's because my full attention wasn't on it though. Or because my expectations were low? Not sure. What did you guys think?

2. Yeah, I'm at home and not at 'either' of the gigs I had planned for tonight. Am basically knackered after two nights of drinking (yeah - I'm becoming a lightweight in my old age! :p) and can't face a third and then expect myself to b perky tomorrow for Gameforce. Am having a quiet evening in catching up on some paperwork and chores. Need to tonight anyway as I've been so half-asleep today that I've not managed to do much!

3. If someone's wife has just had a baby and has just texted me then congratulations but I don't recognise your mobile number and you didn't put your name on the text! I know of several scams going round on mobile nteworks at the moment where people send fairly generic texts from premium rate numbers only for the recipient to reply (often trying to find out who the sender is) and then be hit by big bills. I'm not replying to this one as I don't know the number and suspect it's a fake due to being written in textspeak (and I don't know many people who write in textspeak!). So if someone knows someone whose had a baby today please lket me know!

EDIT: Just thought it might be Rhys whose had the baby as his number failed to get transferred over on my SIM when I changed mobiles. Deleted the text now so can't check. Well, I guess I'll find out tomorrow if he turns up at the games club or not! :p

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