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Gameforce Sunday :)

Gameforce went well today. We ended up sharing with the Changeling LARP game as the dates clashed (although we both now know to look out for months where the 1st is on a Sunday!:p). I actually quite liked the fact we clashed today though as it meant that I got the opportunity to catch up with a load of old LARP friends that I don't really see anymore. Plus this month was always going to be a slower month for Gameforce due to the games weekend 'up north' plus various illnesses going round wiping out some of the regulars.

We still got a good turnout though. I've not counted the final figures but we filled up one sign-in page and have 6-10 names on the second sheet. It was a bit crowded upstairs but everyone thankfully got play space.

I spent most of the day chatting to Rhona and Jane which was nice. I hadn't seen Rhona since Reading Festival when Nicole and myself crashed over at hers and although I see Jane at B-Movie and Gameforce most months I don't think we've had a proper conversation for what must amount to years!!!

I also managed to get a couple of games in. A great little card game by Z-Man Games called 'No Thanks' and (one of my old favourites) Fantasy Flight's 'Through The Desert'.

Apparently Gameforce was reviewed a while back on Board Game Geek which resulted in a few new faces - plus a couple of other London games clubs have been telling members about us. Thanks to anyone out there that's reading this that has helped spread the word!

I'm hitting the sack in a few minutes and having an early night. I've had late ones every night since Wednesday and whereas was having an early one last night ended up being all restless and having an overactive mind which prevented me from actually getting some shut-eye until gone 3.30/4am. Certainly not what I wanted. I think I should fall asleep fairly easily tonight though...

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Talk laters! x

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