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On Prestige and stuff...

I got to work at just before 8am this morning in the effort to blitz through a number of things before everyone else starts turning up just before half nine. OK, so far all I've done is check emails, buy a couple of CDs from Music-Non-Stop which I didn't get round to doing last night, read my friends page and now write this. I'll start work in about 5 minutes though. I certainly didn't get here extra early just to play on the net! I can do that in the comfort of my own room!!!

Anyway, just to say I'm getting quite keen on seeing "The Prestige" when it's released in the UK. All the feedback I've heard from people who have seen it in  the States has been very positive and it also topped the US Film Charts last week which seems to have surprised a number of pundits as it beat Clint Eastwood's "Flags of Our Fathers" which was expected to be #1 by a long way!

I really like Christopher Nolan as a director (Memento & Batman Begins) and the film has a fantastic cast - plus it's about two 19th century magicians! How could it loose in my books????

Oh yeah - I seem to have become a bit of a convert of The Birthday Massacre. Great sound :)

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