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Sleep, Questions, Torchwood...

I can't believe I'm still so bloody tired! I think I need to get up extra early and start getting to the gym and doing my weights again. I can only think that my complete lethargic takeover is due to lack of exercise at present. It certainly isn't a hangover from Germany as I got back on Saturday and slept the most of that weekend so i should be clear now!!!

Anyway, I've managed to organise a few days leave from the shop so I can blitz a few outstanding projects and also catch up on my email. I'm off for the majority of Thursday (although I'm in from about 3.30 for the last few hours to cover Mike), Sunday (because I have two meetings on Sunday - one at noon and one at 7pm!), and then next Tuesday and Thursday (I have Wednesdays off anyway). Hopefully these will allow me a proper catch up and also give me time to go to the gym.

Oh, if anyone wants to ask me any questions (up to 5) here's your chance to do so without needing a meme to prompt you into it. I'll try and answer them all within a reasonable time period as I'll need to take some breaks between work over the next few days :p

For now - I'm off to bed for an early night I think. Oh yeah, watching Torchwood for the second time (it was shown on BBC2 this evening) has confirmed that it is a very good series. Can't wait for the next episode!

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