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Birthday Bash Part UNO

Right, anyone that reads this is more than welcome to come along and party hard with me on Friday night. Something might also be taking place on saturday night but nothings been sorted yet.

I'm moving even deeper into my 30's on Sunday and in an attempt not to see another year I'm celebrating it early!

On Friday night a load of us will be going to the glorious B-Movie at The Water Rats in Kings Cross. I'll be getting there later than usual myself as I'm seeing Godhead, Society 1, Needleeye and the Satanic Sluts at The Underworld beforehand. I reckon I'll be hitting the club between 11-11.30. I've spoken to Sexbat though and have made sure there will be a few tickets available for me and the gig-goers (if you tell me in advance) on the door incase in the unlikely event B-Movie sells out (He doesn't reckon it will this week though so everyone should be safe!).

So please come down, buy me drinks, sexually abuse me if you must, and generally have as good a time as I'm hoping to have!!!


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