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Of Leicester, Sick Housemates and Cubicle 7 Team Meetings...

The one day that I actually wish it was later and it's not because the clocks changed from British Sumemr Time back to good old GMT for the winter months! I'd actualy quite like it to be 19:45 instead of 18:45 right now as it'd mean I was closer to being able to justify going to bed!!! I'm bloody knackered!!!! I WANT SLEEP!!!!!!

I headed up to Leicester after work on Friday and met up with imagnocean, greeba and eating_lipstick. Had a quite evening in (largely because I got there after 10pm!) and ended up eating pasta and watching 'Once More With Feeling' (The musical Buffy episode for those not in the know) which was still enjoyable for the 'nth' time although I don't think imagnocean really 'got it' as she'd not seen much Buffy/Angel and I think she thought the rest of us were a bit mad.

Friday was spent wandering round the shops in Leicester and having a very nice lunch with imagnocean before retiring back to hers for anotehr very relaxed evening in. Ended up vegging infront of the TV watching the 50 Best Comedy Films and eating Chinese. My Life With Brian was #1 and Shaun of the Dead was #3!!! I can't remember what was #2 for some reason... We also chatted quite a bit about the fact the clocks were turning back...

...which makes the fact that we forgot to change them even more humourous. Especially as the alarm went off at 6.50AM so I could catch an early train back from Leicester in order to be back in London for the first of the meetings I had planned today! We soon realised that it was in fact only 5.50AM so we made use of the extra hour with more cuddles, kisses and ting :p One of the best ways I know how to use the extra hour we're given!!!

Anyway, caught my very empty train back into London and got home to find that both Louisa and Jade are down with some cold. Sore throats, temperatures, the works. I guess this means I might be in line for it at somepoint but am determined to try and beat it as I have way too much stuff to get done. Chatted briefly with them, got them some tins of soup from my cupboards top shelf so they could have something warm and soothing and (after freshening up) ran off for the Cubicle 7 Staffers Meeting at The Catcher on the Rye at mid-day.

It was a really good meeting. We had the core team there - Dom (2nd in command & LJ-less), corone (Victoriana Line Developer), oldson (SLA Industries Line Developer), teh_biel (Web Mistress) and Chris (teh_biel's fiancee and our general sounding board :p). We chatted for almost 5 hours in total and covered a lot of plans, ideas and scheduling. It was also a good team bonding exercise as none of the others had met everyone else before so it gave a chance to actually put faces to names and see who is involved. Oh yeah, the astute amongst you may have noticed that I've not previously announced the fact that a) Cubicle 7 now owns Victoriana RPG or b) that Andy (corone) and John (oldson) are both on board as Line Developers. Officially announcements about both of those facts are being made over the next 48 hours so you've got a heads-up exclusive there! :p

I was supposed to have a second meeting during the afternoon with teh_biel sorting out some of the web site bits and pieces but as that would have involved being at home (where there were two sickly young ladies not really wanting to be disturbed) and we'd spent all afternoon chatting in the pub we went over a few bits and agreed to do the rest over the phone during the week. I was also supposed to meet up with kit_hartford this evening to go through the Games Schedule & Traders plans for this years Dragonmeet but with the combination of sick housemates (we were foing to have the meeting at mine) - and also the fact that I was beginning to seriously lag due to waking up at silly o'clock - we decided to go through the plans on Tuesday before gaming instead.

Now I find myself at home. Absolutely tired out and wishing it was about +3 or +4 hours time so I could justify going to bed. Plus my throat is beginning to hurt (although I'm putting that down to smoking a fair bit today... I had promised to cut out smoking either in the new year or when the ban comes into effect in England next summer but may revise it and try and stop this week. I don't like it at present anyway).

Off to see what food I have in the pantry and cook myself something which will also hopefully wake me up a bit. Would be good as I could then spend the evening getting some extra work done as it's now free!!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend? I had a really good one :D

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