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OMG - Kiddy Goth...

I've long (and perhaps foolishly) defended a lot of what is being called Goth these days. Traditional Goth is very much an underground breed and there are quite a few Indy bands that are mianstream who would fall very easily into the 'Goth' category but have developed outside of the scene itself.

But there are also a lot of bands these days which do not have a 'Goth' sound that have decided it's cool to take on the look of the scene and brand themselves with the 'Goth' label whilst sounding distinctly un-goth. I know we've had Goth Pop bands before (The Cure and the last Ghost Dance album are classic examples and a fair amount of Inkubus Sukkubus' material was quite poppy) but they've all kept a nod to gothdom in their sound somewhere.

I've just come across a new Liverpool band called Betty Curse who are classified as Gothic/Indie/Pop. Now certainly their look is undenyably 'Gothic' but you can scrap Goth and Indie from the genre description. They are pure pop rock.
Now I also spotted they are playing at The Underworld in Camden this weekend as part of the 'Subverse' Club. Now I've never heard of Subverse but upon looking into it it runs on a Sunday afternoon between 2-6pm and is 'An All Ages Club' with reduced admission for Under 18's. I think that says it all really...

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