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Cubicle 7 Announcement - 31st October 2006

Tuesday 31st October 2006 London, UK:

Cubicle 7 Entertainment is pleased to announce new appointments to the team and also a brand new acquisition.

Cubicle 7 Entertainment Purchases Heresy Gaming & Victoriana RPG

We’ve kept this one on the quiet for a number of months whilst we sifted through all of the files we received and also got the ball rolling on a number of projects.

Earlier this summer Cubicle 7 Entertainment purchased Heresy Gaming from John Tuckey. The company, best known for its Victoriana Role Playing Game – a game of Victorian Fantasy – and all of its assets have been merged into the Cubicle 7 family and we are currently working on Victoriana 2nd Edition using the Heresy Engine Rules System which is due for release in the Spring of 2007. More information will released about our production schedule and plans for the game by the game’s Line Developer shortly.


We are very excited to have added Victoriana to our portfolio and have some exciting developments in the works. We’re also happy to announce that John Tuckey, the previous owner and designer of the game, is still on board in a freelance capacity.


New Staff Members

As the company has started to grow we have also changed our internal structure to help manage the lines more effectively and share the workload.


Dominic McDowall-Thomas has come on board as Operations & Marketing Manager. Dominic will be a man of many hats but these include overseeing our PDF Sales Development as well as liaison with our printers and the convention scene.


Andrew Peregrine, whose previous credits include Serenity, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Warhammer Fantasy and 7th Sea amongst others, has been appointed Line Developer for Victoriana. We’re very pleased to have someone with as an extensive CV in the games industry and who has worked on so many top games in charge of Victoriana and are looking forward to some great things in 2007 and onwards.


John Dodd, a veteran contributor of SLA Industries and head of Team 8 (, has come on board as Line Developer for SLA Industries. John’s appointment has been made after many years of working on SLA Industries and keeping the game alive through a whole range of support activities including the immensely popular Team 8 Forums and Team 8’s extensive convention support. John was selected as the best man for the job due to his knowledge of the game and his ‘no nonsense get things done’ attitude. John is currently putting the finishing touches to the long overdue Cannibal Sector One sourcebook and has also devised the product schedule for 2007 onwards.


Trudi Topman (Editor of Pantechnicon - has joined the team as Cubicle 7’s Web Mistress. She is currently beavering away making sure that the company, and the various product lines, have a home online. The website hasn’t been completed as yet but will be appearing at in the near future.


More news to follow and I hope everyone has an enjoyable Halloween!


Angus Abranson
Cubicle 7 Entertainment
London, UK
"On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone will drop to zero." – Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk



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