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This happens every year. I need a bigger venue.

I've still not heard or received payment from about 6-8 companies who said they want to come to Dragonmeet but I've now run out of trade space so even if they do get in contact/turn up with (late) payment I can't really fit them in!

This is really good on one hand (because the Trade Hall always fills itself up and leaves us with a surplus of companies as back-up) but annoys the hell out of me as I'd love to fit more traders/companies in there. Guess it might teach a few companies to get their forms in early next year though!


I am going to see if I can rearrange the Halls a little to fit a few more people in but I have a feeling we did that on last years plan so I don't think there's any more room to move.

So, what's the chance of me finding a reasonably priced venue in the centre of London for Dragonmeet '07 that will cater for 1,000-1,400 gamers and a whole bunch of trade space? (I'm predicting a larger attendence in '07 due to starting the advertising/promotion from February, some steller special guests from across the seas and also a brand new and regularly updated website :p).

Now to get ready for this evenings meeting with Chris to go over the games schedule and see if we have any tables left there!

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