Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Of Drinks and men...

It seems that I have now been in a drinking establishment for three consecutive nights! This is actually really unusual for me these days, although technically last night's "drinking hole excursion" was due to a Dragonmeet meeting with kit_hartford although we did end up chatting about non-DM stuff afterwards for an hour or so :p

Tonight saw me return to The Catcher on the Rye (that old haunt of my youth that I have h so recently rediscovered :p) for drinks with ukmonty, dodgyhoodoo and no-LJ John. A circle of friends whom I've known (if I add all the years together) for 45 years!!!

We chatted about this and that, initiated ukmonty into the world of PDF and POD Publishing which I think has set off some bad ideas in his mind. Our conversations also set off some very bad ideas in my mind about some really cool sourcebook ideas too actually, so that's something to talk to Mr Dom about at our next Cubicle 7 meeting as he might be up for penning a few of them. I may also be contacting a few of you regarding them too after Christmas/New Year as I think the line might be up a few of your alleys so to speak!

We also chatted about making our drinking reunions into a regular occurence. I used to organise something called 'The Monday Club' years ago (and we're talking mi- to late- 90's here) which was basically on the first Monday of each month a whole bundle of us would descend on The Tally Ho pub (in North Finchley) for drinks and catch-ups. The idea being that as we all had other commitments a few of us were seeing each otehr less and less so we would make sure that once a month everyone would know where we'd all be and stop by for drinks and catch-ups.

The Monday Club finally died for some reason and, to be honest, some of it's members probably haven;t seen each other since the last one!

Anyway, we've decided to sort of resurrect it. But being older and -ahem- less alcoholic we someone decided to do this every fortnight instead of every month. Not quite sure how that one got decided with my busy schedule but then I did promise myself I'd make time to socialise more a month or two back so I certainly won't complain too loudly as the company is very good.

So on Thursday November 16th from about 6.20 onwards we'll be meeting up at The Catcher on the Rye in Finchley Central for an evening of drinks and fine company. If you're free please come along and join us!

I'm back at work tomorrow at Leisure Games (I saw we just had a massive Indie Press delivery when I popped in today - bang goes my pay packet!) and then will probably spend Friday night at home getting some more work done. Saturday is Ian's Stag Do of which I will be joining up with the gang for drinks and a meal in the evening as I've gracefully declined the opportunity to go paint balling with the mad fools guys in favour of sorting out the Dragonmeet website and getting the on-line ticket sales sorted for launch on Monday. Sometime after the drinks/meal I'll be widning my way back to Finchley for Sinbads house warming which I've been reliably informed should still be in full swing!

Then on Sunday I have to drag my possibly somewhat hungover carcass back to work. Hmm...

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