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Hi folks,

Our November event is bring to shape up really nicely. Added to our 'Sneak Peak' bill is the forthcoming coming fantasy board game by Days of Wonder - Battlelore!

We'll have an advance copy to demonstrate games with all day and Leisure Games will be on hand to take down pre-orders for the game which will include a 10% pre-order discount plus the inclusion of a promotional figure to be sent with the game upon it's release should you decide the game MUST BE YOURS!!!

In a world that bridges history and fantasy - BattleLore puts you in command of a vast array of miniature troops on the battlefields of Medieval Europe. More than just a boardgame, BattleLore is a comprehensive game system that combines elements of cards, miniatures, role-playing and boardgames.

While epic in scope, the game plays quickly, with a typical adventure lasting about an hour. Deep and engaging, the game is easy to set up using the large boardmap and pre-assembled, ready to play miniatures.

BattleLore is your doorway to epic fantasy adventures!

Game Data

  • 2 Players
  • Age 10+
  • 60 minutes


  • 1 Player’s Guide to BattleLore
  • 1 Adventures Booklet
  • Over 210 highly detailed miniatures figures
  • 58 banner bearers and 15 extra banners
  • 1 double-sided battle map
  • 46 Terrain and Landmark Tiles
  • 60 Command cards
  • 60 Lore cards
  • 42 Summary cards
  • 2 War Council sheets
  • 24 Lore Master tokens
  • 12 Battle dice
  • 1 Days of Wonder Online Access Number,
    including free access to the
    Online Adventures Editor.

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