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J, Sperm of Cthulhu and stuff...

I just realised that I've also been affected by the slight LJ 'burp' that some people have mentioned on their own LJ's. I'm certainly not getting notification of comments - or new friends - at the moment as I've just logged on to see two new friends added and a whole host of comments people have made over my last few posts which I didn't know they had done!

I also just received notification of comments a couple of people left a day or two back so I guess there's a slight jam in the system after Saturdays 'LJ Black Out'! Oh well, guess I'll live :p

In other news I have, disturbingly, been unable to get the phrase "Sperm of Cthulhu" out of my head this evening. I was pondering the old green tentacled God on the way home from work and thinking about the various guises he's taken in the slightly less serious artwork of him.

I just imagined all these little white tadpoled sperm swimming forward with a head of tentacles on their way to the great tissue in the sky. Since then they've just stuck in my mind.

I also had a really freaky experience in the bath earlier. I had been reading whilst soaking amongst my bubbles and had put the book down and started to doze when my mind really clearly heard a girls voice say 'Angus'. I thought it was one of my flatmates outside the door checking to see if I was alright or asking me when I was getting out as they needed the bathroom or something. But nothing. No one was there at all. It was a little freaky as it was so clear but then the mind does like to play its little tricks sometimes!

The fact that I was falling asleep in the bath probably also indicates I should get some proper sleep tonight too actually. Maybe an early night does beckon...

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