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Borat beats Santa Claus

In America Sacha Baron Cohen's latest film (Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakstan) was pulled from a nationwide release to only 837 theatres due to a poor 'tracking survey' and worry that the American public wouldn't get the film.

Meanwhile Disney's The Santa Claus 3 was released on 3, 458 screens across America and was odds on favourites to be this weeks Big Box Office Hit!

Needless to say whilst Santa Clause 3 took $20 million ($5,780 per screen) it still managed to somehow be eclipsed to the number one spot by Borat which took $26.1 million (or an amazing $31,500 per screen)! Borat is now scheduled to enter many more cinemas in the coming week and is expected to hold on to that coveted #1 spot.

In other movie news, IMDB posted my review of the forthcoming Tenacious D movie this afternoon. It was basically a copy of the write-up I did for my LiveJournal but still, it's nice to see it on a serious film site! :)


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Nov. 7th, 2006 02:26 am (UTC)
My friend (my Dragonmeet booth minion in 2004) never gets to see movies in theaters, and for some reason he really wanted to see Borat. So he scheduled around his wife and kids and we tried to see it Saturday night at a 10pm show. Sold out, two theaters.

We tried again on Sunday at an afternoon show, and it was sold out again -- two theaters. When they announced it was sold out Sunday, about two-thirds of the people waiting in lines for tickets left the theater, and that was a long, long line. And bear in mind it is a R-rated film: many people under 18 who want to see it will buy tickets to other movies and "sneak" into Borat.

I've never been turned away twice from a movie. The minion's afraid if we buy advance tickets the theater will burn down: Allah doesn't want him to see this movie! The decision to reduce the number of screens certainly cost them money, but if the film has strong word of mouth, they should make it up next week.

The real problem with tracking surveys is that they're only answered by people who still have land lines and are likely to answer tracking surveys. The chance that'll match young folks today is very, very low.
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