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Busy, Busy Me

Having a really productive evening so far, which has amazed me as I felt so worn when I got home I almost fell asleep in front of the telly listening to the US Election commentary on BBC 24.

Can't unfortunately say what it's all about but I've had news from three different project proposals so far and all have come back very positive with one actually laying down contract terms. Another of those is a board game proposal I pitched to a company when I was over in Germany that they've come back to me wanting a more detailed pitch as a follow-up (It's a game I'd love to actually do under Cubicle 7 but our budget will no way stretch into producing board games at present! Plus this way someone will actually give ME money for it as opposed to me having to invest more money INTO it! :p).

I was also contacted by a completely different - non hobby company - with an idea this evening which sounds very interesting. I've asked them to go away and write up a full proposal for me so I can get a clearer idea of what exactly they are looking for but I think I have a pretty good idea after the conversation. I've already started getting a flood of ideas they could pursue too which is a good sign that it's a project I'll probably take on depending on their mission statement and compensation package.

Still feeling a mite tired though and an incredible urge to actually write. I've had a story idea gnawing away at the recesses of my mind for the last few weeks which I'm trying to suppress as I don't have time to just sit and write fiction (well - novel or novelette fiction in any case) at present. Especially as I'd probably only abandon it part way through in anycase!!! Down beast! I have other things to be getting on with!!!

Anyway, the night is still young and I should really get on with some more work (hmm... maybe after a quick Ticket to Ride online game though - I need my Tuesday gaming fix as my group session was cancelled this evening!). I probably won't stay up and watch the US Election results tonight. I'll find out in the morning whether or not the Christian militia managed to motivate themselves (or rig the electronic machines) and keep control of the Houses or whether the Democrats have managed to get hold of a sliver of power again (let's hope so).

I would normally stay up for this sort of thing, but am meeting up with Sarah tomorrow to go shopping and hang-out so have to be awake. Quite looking forward to catching up with Sarah actually as I rarely see her these days and certainly haven't gone out shopping with her since before we split up last year! Apparently I'm still the best and most fun shopping buddy. I dispute this though. I despise shopping so I've no idea why she thinks I'm fun at it! Must be my sarcasism and desire to keep stopping in pubs/coffeee shops I guess! :p

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