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Gothic Dating Website

I spotted a small soundbite in this evenings thelondonpaper (one of London's freebie commuter 'news'papers) tucked beside an article on various gay stereotypes and hangouts (did you know there is such a thing as a chav-fetish scene for gay men into hoodies and trainers????) talking about a Gothic dating/friendship site.

I've not followed the link yet so I've no idea what it's actually like but I thought I'd mention it here for anyone who might be interested. Louisa (one of my housemates) reminded me about it earlier as she'd seen the same article.

Anyway, here's the soundbite for you:

Make Up and Make Out
If you're a signle Goth looking for love or friendship, a new website could be the answer.
The site has been designed to make it easy for members to find others who share their interests, via a large number of "Gothic Groups"
With forums, blogs and instant messaging, find your Goth soulmate on

(PS - hehe... just spotted they have an advert for Vampire: The Requiem on there site. So atleast it seems to be Roleplayer friendly for all of the RPGer Goths out there! Oh, it also looks like it's an American site although I've no idea about membership breakdown as I've not checked that out)

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