Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Yu-Gi-Oh! Invasion & Dragonmeet Street Teams

The last thing you want when you've got a headache and feel that you've just had a really long day (although it hasn't been really - I'm just being a moany git) is the Yu-Gi-Oh Invasion.

I just got hit full force by it.

I was out front on the phone when one of the buses offloaded what felt like a hundred kids who immediately invaded the shop all clamouring at once for Yu-Gi-0h! cards, deck protectors and Shoot Out cards.

I tell you, it's mentally draining trying to keep up with the little blighters kids.

Anyway, the store has now been returned to it's usual quietness and a sense of calm after the storm has settled in.

I still have a headache though.

I am not going to B-Movie tonight (or if I am I'll be incredibly surprised to find myself there!) and am also currently fighting against someone who wants me to go to the gym with them this evening. TOO TIRED. TOO LAZY. JUST WANT TO VEG!!!

So, I doubt I'll be at the gym. I'd fall asleep after the first exercise the way I feel today.

The lovely Dragonmeet tivckets complete with security hologram (because you know faked tickets have been such a problem in the past! - not!) should be arriving with me on Monday. I should also be getting another bacth of 5000 flyers next week. So if anyone has anywhere near them that would like some flyers to advertise the event please let me know and I'll mail some down to you. Let's get a Dragonmeet Street Team together!!! :)

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