Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Conjure One @ Slimelight

I deferred posting about the gig when I got home last night to allow myself to sleep on it and see how I felt.

I'm glad I did in many ways as I've learnt the f**king awful soundsystem wasn't 100% Slimelight's fault. I was fairly livid last night as Conjure One has such a crisp sound and the amount of feedback, screeching and the badly monitored vocals that you could barely hear for half the set really upset me as I'd been wanting to see them for ages. I already knew that the SliemlightSoundsystem for live bands is one of the worst I've heard in London and had mentioned to Rhys I thought it was a bad idea to play there.

Plus I think the promoters need shooting (not least for putting the gig on at Slimelight but for alsop not really seeming to promote it all that well - considering Conjure One is a side project of Front Line Assembly and (more importantly as the sound is very similiar) Delerium (who had a #1 hit in the UK a few ytears ago with 'Silence') they could really have ramped up the gig had they held it at a proper venue. Personally I'd have put them on at Islington Academy or 'maybe' LA2 (or Mean Fiddler as it's now called). I knew a lot of people who didn't go last night because it was on at the Slimelight. To be honest I'm glad they didn't turn up as, whilst the bits of the set which were clear were good, the overall sound sucked.

Like I said though, I think there were other problems rather than the Slimelight sound system as SWARF (the main support band) had pretty good and clear sound. Even the first band (whom I think were called De:Votion) had clear sound even though they really sounded like screeching cats (I didn't like them at all).

Anyway, I was really disappointed with the gig and any chance of me sticking around at Slimelight afterwards was completely zeroed as I was f**ked off with the place.

I really don't want to see any more bands there but will probably give it one more shot at the end of the month as Steve is playing there with RBN who are supporting Rotersand and I want to go and show support for him (and also see what RBN are like live these days). If the sound is still shit then I will probably just give up on the place from then on.

The night wasn't a complete loss however as I did managed to catch up with a load of old friends and familiar faces who've I've not seen in a long time (in one case about 10 years!). So silver lining. Just keep thinking of the silver lining...

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